EXIT Events May 20, 2022

Join us for a Free Seller’s Information Seminar June 9th!


Have you been hearing or thinking things like this?:

“I can’t believe what my neighbour made on the sale of their house!”

“I’ve been thinking about downsizing, and now seems like the best time to get the most money for my home.”

“If I sold my house now, I could move into my dream neighbourhood!”

“With how fast things are selling, it doesn’t seem like I’d have to be too stressed about waiting months for my house to sell.”

But do these worries and concerns also sound familiar?:

“How do I know how much I’ll actually get for my house?”

“If I sell my house, the market is so competitive that I won’t be able to buy a new one and I’ll be homeless!”

“I haven’t moved in so long/ever, I wouldn’t even know how the process works.”


If this all sounds very familiar, then you should join us at EXIT Realty Advantage’s Seller Seminar! In this informal seminar, we’re inviting anyone with questions about buying, selling, or the real estate market in general to join our professional REALTORS® to ask questions and receive answers about the most common hesitancies we’re seeing in home sellers in this market. This is a great opportunity to connect with professionals and become educated on the real estate trends we’re seeing in New Brunswick and across Atlantic Canada.

At EXIT Realty Advantage, we believe in educating the public and helping them manage, understand, and achieve their real estate goals. If you have any questions about the real estate market, or are have been thinking about selling your home but have questions on how to go about it, join us on June 9th at 461 St. Mary’s St., Fredericton NB. Register for the seminar here –